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Friday, 11 November 2011

Cadbury's Dark Duet Party

Social Media is soon turning into a force to be reckoned with! It gives the consumer the power to express his/her appreciation or concern directly to a brand. It also gives a brand the power to directly connect with its consumer & prove how good it really is.
It's a matter of the glass seen as half full or empty.

It has been quite sometime since I have been very active on Social Media & I have to be honest that I have seen quite a few friends talk about Cadbury Bournville, but had never tried it on my own.. till one day I received a mail from one of their polite executives asking me if I'd be interested in hosting a party for my friends (hmm.. did sound interesting!) ...

.. but where they really took me by surprise was when they offered to provide Bournville chocolates & Sula wine bottles for the party!! (Like any sane-headed 30 yr old) I agreed & before you could say "Ay Caramba", The fine bottles of Sula wine & tall bars of Bournville made it home! :)

All I had to do then, was dial a few numbers of friends who had been planning to catch up for a LONNNG time & voila! There we were finally chatting up, drinking up & having a super time.. thanks to this kind gesture by Cadbury Bournville & Sula Wines!

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Cadbury & Sula for making my evening memorable :)

PS - I'm now a big fan of the 'Dia' by Sula & 'Deeply Dark' by Bournville & have been recommending it to all & sundry :) (It's an honest statement & NO marketing gimmick:)

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Customer Care On Twitter - Thumb Rules

  • Always use CRISP yet SIMPLE language in your communication
  • Never hesitate to use the words ‘PLEASE’, ‘THANK YOU’ & SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE’ where applicable
  • Always address yourself as ‘WE’ when representing a brand
  • PROOFREAD your typed 140 characters thoroughly before tweeting. A tweet once gone through can only be deleted from their server before the next refresh, which happens FAST
  • If not sure, always take a SECOND OPINION on which tweet to reply to & which to ignore
  • If someone is thanking you for resolving their problem, don’t hesitate to reply with ‘YOU’RE ALWAYS WELCOME :)
  • Twitter crowd is intelligent & can catch your bluff. Always be GENUINE, WARM & HUMBLE in every tweet that you choose to reply to, REGARDLESS of how much the person is trying to ridicule/abuse you
  • When there is a complaint & people gang up for it, never address the CROWD. Only address the person the complaint belongs to. On the other hand when people collectively appreciate your effort. THANK THEM ALL
  • Never ADDRESS anyone informally even if they get very warm & personal.
  • Never ever warn anyone against use profanity in tweets directed towards you. IGNORANCE is truly bliss!
  • Enjoy conversations. They are all HUMAN :)

Thursday, 21 October 2010

"What is #embee???!"

I do get a lot of questions about what this '#embee' is, that people keep adding to songs they post on twitter. So here I am to make it smooth and simple!

#embee is nothing but a unique & effective playlist with the most brilliant music recommendations by twitter users with some amazing music taste.

You may now wonder, why I called it unique & how it is different from a #NowPlaying or a #CLT? right?!
The answer is simple. Unlike random #CLT or #NowPlaying songs, most #embee recommendations come with a link to watch/hear the songs online. This makes listening to songs you may have never heard of till date, very convenient.
It ends the misery of remembering/searching on google, the names of songs tweeted so you may log in & listen to later.
It archives all brilliant recommendations under one roof for quick access & an even quicker listen.

#embee doesn't end there. It is also a one stop shop for amazing lyrics, favourite lines & trivia from songs which tickle your nostalgic senses.

So if I were to sum it all up, #embee is a simple one-stop-shop playlist which if followed regularly can turn into your finest time machine :)

Oh yes! It is accessed by lakhs (& growing number) of people around the world each day. So keep adding your music. Become an #embee DJ today!

If you're a music lover, this IS what you need. If you're not, there is always a good time to be one :) After all, it's music that truly binds us all together!

Click on the title of this post to read #embee recommendations

Thursday, 29 April 2010

A Step Behind

Sometimes faith is all you're left with..
To believe in a light when blind..
To walk a limbless road with a smile held high..
.. Just to hide your fear from your tear

You think to yourself, this is not what life is about..
This is not why the stars in the night twinkled throughout..
Why each word was a song to your soul's delight..
.. Just to hide your fear from your tear

Caught in a crowd, yet lost on your own..
Where your sunlight bright is blind to your moon..
You stand tall though your heart is on the floor..
.. Just to hide your fear from your tear

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Your Song...

I walk your path,
Winding roads that stray,
From the wrongs I've done,
To the rights you've prayed.

You're the light that guides,
Each step that I take,
You're my smile that's dawned,
On my long lonesome lake.

If I had never met you,
I'd be a glance that's blind,
To the heaven that's you,
To your breath that's mine.

When I cry, I cry your tears,
I only live to see you smile,
If you're not here with me,
I wonder why I'm alive.

You're my magic moment unseen,
Yet I feel each breath you sigh,
My life's not what it's been,
I will be your force you make divine.

I wish I could hold you,
Show you where you've belonged,
Since the birth of time,
With each word of this song..

Saturday, 5 September 2009

One Night

This is a song i had written a couple of years is my idea of sensuality.. my perception of the purest form of intimate human expression - making love..

One night

Your hair on my shoulders,
The smile on your face,
Sweet smell of your skin and
The look in your eyes.
The rain on the window,
The candles inside, yeah!
It’s just you and me, now!
I want you tonight

And I don’t need,
Another day,
To tell you how much,
You're driving me crazy.
You’re in my arms,
Those lips I wanna kiss,
This body and soul I,
Just cannot resist, yeah!


Your skin on my skin and
Our fingers so tied up,
Our bodies are hot with
Our burning desires.
I see your face right
So close next to mine
I wanna kiss you all over
Every day, every night

Your breath on my face
Your body on mine
I wanna give you a ride on
That feeling divine, yeah!
I’m gonna touch you
Like never before
Make you curl up your toes
Make you crave for more, yeah!


Wanna make this night forever last,
Gonna give you more than you may ask,
Make you sweat like you,
Make you sweat like you,
Make you sweat like you bathe till eternity.
Get you higher than the clouds that pass!!

I run my fingers
All over your body
Give the chill down your spine
And that feeling you wanted.
Our hair is all messed up
Our bodies so tired
Now we’re under the shower
To cool down this fire.

Our bodies are wet
But the heat is still on
I take you up in my arms
‘Coz that’s where you belong, yeah

The window’s open
The moon’s hit the floor
As we are under these showers
I give you some more, yeah!!

Friday, 3 April 2009

A Time There Is..That Was

A moment here but gone.. a strength, a cut, I bleed,
A shadow now unknown.. standing on broken knees,
A faith that had a dream.. dies waiting for a piece,
A shattered million me.. no strength to carry on.

A hand that lost the way.. a promise left behind,
When peace refused to stay.. a tearful tired eye,
A glimpse that skipped a beat.. now staring at denial,
A shattered million me.. no strength to carry on.

Old age, a cold park bench.. the warmth i feel inside,
A thought that never ends.. has lost the will to try,
A heartbeat left alone.. can do nothing but cry,
A shattered million me.. no strength to carry on.
A shattered million me.. no strength to carry on..
A shattered million me.. no strength to carry on...