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Saturday, 7 April 2007

You & I - a song I wrote...

What am I without you,
Oh baby! This life’s not the same.
What I’ve done and what I’d do,
Oh baby! I’m a player not the game.

Lost is what I feel,
When I don’t have you next to me.
Look into my eyes, girl,
They speak more than they can see.
What’s my life without you?
It’s an unplayed symphony.

Hold me now,
Show me love.

I am crazy for you,
Oh baby! I’m crazy for your love.
I was lower than low,
See what you’ve done; now I’m higher than above.

You’re the reason why,
You’re the song that I sing.
You’re the reason why, girl,
You’re the voice from within.
You’re all I ever wanted,
You’re the one I wanna kiss.

Hold me now,
Show me love.

They say never get too far away,
Till you don’t know where you’ve gone.
But you take me to those places, girl,
Where I’ve never gone alone.

A single day without you,
Oh baby! It’s like waiting all your life.
Lets walk the way together,
You’re my baby! You’re the beat that keeps me alive.

I walked all over the stones,
Lived this life I called my own.
But, then you walked along,
And I forgot where I started from.
You’re a friend, the one I love,
You’re my family, my own.

You’ve held me up,
You’ve shown me love