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Wednesday, 2 May 2007


Slipping in the hours of time,
My days like words just didn't Rhyme,
Slices of Time still haunt My Mind,
Crashing down like the crimson tide.

Blood, Red wine and everything between,
I've painted my life with colours so blind,
Things that I saw & never really seen,
Held on to those bonds that were meant to be,

Twisting and turning I spun my way around,
Slept the wildest dreams. Swam all the drown,
Wiped the tears I never really cried,
Fell to rise again. Rose to just fall down.

All the way up the short seen hill,
I've counted the stones roll down,
Died a thousand deaths just to be born,
Walked a million miles to Stop where I belong.

The light in this Journey. My friends in misery,
Gave me nothing yet everything I’ve got,
The sweet sting of pain. The fire through the cold,
Held a Conversation when words did mean a lot...

Everything I’ve got is everything I’ve lost,
My thoughts my soul shattered all over the place,
Weaving them together I’ve spent my own time,
I've walked here as one to finally fall from grace.

Life goes on like it always does,
Leaving traces of you and I...
Those glimpses you'll see are not just of me...
But the world I’ve gladly left behind.

Life is a Book, opened up wide,
What is read is what you write,
The white, the black, the pages left dead,
The pages unwritten but still meant to be read.

It's been quite a while since I’ve met myself,
I think I’ll stop a mile & see the world go by,
Now I see people scream just to run away from silence,
I hear loud silence. I’m taking what's mine.

Nothing can stop what is meant to be,
Looking back at the faces I learn,
Your heart and mind never have the same way,
On this long hard road with. Yet without someone.

I'd love to be. What the world could never see,
They'd love to Rip me down...& Smile,
It's the emotion I wish that someone would understand,
This emotion I’ve saved for U & I.

My Arms wide open, yet my world so small,
I search for somebody, whom I’ve already met,
This time I’ve spent waiting really makes me think,
Should I be the one who gives? Or the one who really gets.

It's tough to think sometimes,
When your thoughts are soaked in pain,
To gather them dry I’ve spent a million breaths,
Now the sun shines Bright but still I sadly wonder,
Dying is Life, so is life really Death.

You live you learn, you love you burn,
You twist and turn to get what u want,
You wait and wait, as it's never too late,
You wait for the moment & the moment has gone.

I've seen so much; I’ve seen it so early,
But I haven’t seen it all in this world so deep,
I hope I now see it as I grow through my years,
I hope at the end I’ve sweet memories to keep.

There's only so much I can say so please don't run away,
From what we share together,
I'm a player not the game & I do not feel the shame,
…It’s rules that are not forever.

So at the end of the day I feel,
You take to give, wake up to live,
So why give alone, why live alone,
When all that you've lived for is here. But gone.

I go through these times again and again,
Those few mere pleasures that really mean a lot,
That one close friend who's not just the same,
That one close friend who's now closer than I thought.

I started off with you on my mind,
I've wanted you badly. You’ll never understand,
Now I’ve ended up with you in my heart,
Now I’m closer than I thought & I’ve left everything behind.

A line of words struck a chord in my heart,
Just a line spoke Volumes By Far,
No time to spend. No now. No then,
So much to say but I don't know when.

You're the music to my ears,
When I cry I cry your tears,
When I cry. I want you near me,
When I die. I want you near me.

Now all that I’m left to see,
So much to say. Words are what I need,
It's you I can't do without,
Please stay the same... you are a part of me.

Who would have thought that a boy like me would ever make believe?
Believe in something & someone like never before,
Who would have thought that a boy like me would get in so deep?
So deep that alone. I cannot reach the shore.

Joy is rejoice for not being sad,
Pain is remembrance that u should never be too glad,
Smile is to tell everybody that you're not really down.
Tears pour out so that your Heart may never drown.

You can never judge a person by the colour of his skin,
So what is wrong with the world today?
Does a winner take it all just because he wins?
I'm done with all my cards, not many Aces to play...

Life is a road with twists and turns,
It's in your face but you can't have it,
It can be a candle, which will never burn,
It can be a lesson you'll never learn.

You lift me up, you throw me down,
When I walk straight, you turn me around,
You say you need time. Time to grow,
You took your chances. I take mine now.

So at the end of this, I have a thing to say,
What u are, is not always what you've got,
If you love somebody. Show it NOW,
When u're left all alone...YOU'RE NOT.

Dreams are not just for the tired eyes,
My brow is wet. Patient tears they cry,
Life is not all about earning what u get,
My eyes steer low with my head held high.

The road is winding, in circles it drives
The words you hear are not for your smiles
Halt a while you have thoughts to think...
Now the Clock runs faster but slower feels the mile.

Waves of esteem slash down on my shore,
What all saw as stones are now rocks you must know,
My life everyday day is slipping like the sand,
The wind’s now dry but a storm is at hand.

Hold my hand, I’ve forgotten what its like,
What tears of joy are, have only tears that I cry,
The pain like my smile is dying on my life,
My smile like the joy is just another lie.

Know what’s on the ground, when you’re looking ahead,
Small things can slip right under your eye,
How far u have come, is funny if you’re told,
It’s not judged by your shoe, but often by its sole.

Getting close to reality is a cold morsel of rice,
It’s what is there but not satisfying to ones needs,
It gets hard at the end of the pain everyday,
It’s hard to swallow or spit it out anyway.

My life, their needs are not ours anymore,
Age has made pain shift shoulders,
All you have today will be over soon,
Get a grip child...everyone gets older.

It took ages to build my castle,
Took a minute to crash down,
What do you do when you’re left all alone?
Seen my life? It’s nowhere to be found!

Live for your responsibilities, I tell myself,
Do what you’re born for,
If only I knew when this ends,
I conquer one battle & there’s always one more.

A womb is a grown up’s heaven,
Life’s a twisted lane, an unfair bid,
When you’re in, you want to come out,
When you’re out, you wish you never did.


Pallavi Arur said...

is this the same poem you had shown me about a year back?the one that won you the prize?or its a new one?
though I may be saying it again,its a good one....moving words!!

Inner eloquence said...

Extremely poignant, little disturbing but nice...

- Nikita