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Friday, 25 May 2007

The Perfect 'Connection'...

It's funny how people believe that alcohol kills your gray cells.. because if you actually think of it, the best ideas are not just thought of when in the 'loo'.. there's an addition to that phrase now.. its called 'over a drink'. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not promoting a Mallya here! but no matter how much you talk about the adverse effects of alcohol, you know you've had the best time when it's in your stream ! and if you've never had it, you've been tempted atleast ONCE to try it out!!! now don't you lie to yourself, okay?! :)
Ever wondered whats the 'connection' between alcohol and shedding inhibitions??? it's often mistaken to be the resultant lack of focus on things around.. but i disagree !! it's not the lack of focus on things around.. but a sharpened focus on only one thing at a time that is the key to that brain at ease, those sleepy eyes, those uncalled for smiles & on a philosophical level.. a successful life !!!!!

'Connection' is a funny concept with undue importance given to it!

Have you ever interacted with someone and realised that you guys just click!!.. am sure you feel you have, at some point in your life!! we term this 'click' as a 'connection' and instantly believe that it doesn't happen to us often.
The fact of the matter is, this 'connection' happens to us ..ALL... THE.. TIME.. even on the same level !!! ..only the aspects and the number of aspects involved change! why wouldn't it happen to us all the time??!! after all.. if you look closely, all the people that you interact with on a regular basis are welcome in your life because you see obvious traces of you in them!!.. think about it!!.. see??!!.. 'connection' !!!

So, is this 'connection' the reason for all successful relationships in your life?!! Ironically it's not this 'connection' but the 'disconnection' with your loved ones which keeps your world together..keeps you coming back to them..
If there was no night.. why would you smile at a bright morning??
If there was no pain.. how would you be so strong?!
If there was no eventual death.. would you even truly 'live' your life??!!

A 'disconnection' is the most important aspect of life!!! because it always results in mutual respect..stronger optimism..and a new found one each time you come back.

Whoever said "You will never know what you've got till it's gone" can @#$%&*%
I say " You will only know what was gone till you get it" :)

Think +ve.. disconnect every once in a while..
Always remember..Floyd & Freud both believed in 'coming back to life' !!!!!! ;)

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Pallavi Arur said...


I think, disconnections help to connect, but you need to first have a connection to disconnect from.