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Monday, 1 December 2008

Waves Of Death.. Waves Of Anger !

Life as we know it will never be the same,

Hearts shattered with the glass on those panes,

The pride that invoked with every first step,

Has turned into fear lingering in each lane.

It’s strange how quickly time can change pace,

A moment of celebration turned into the last aisle,

Making ends meet made the young bleed,

While tears back home awaited their smile.

The devil's footsteps came as silent as can be,

But his roar was dismissed by countless sleeping ears,

The death in his eyes grew grimmer & real,

A smile on his face with no story to reveal.

It rained cold red while faith died that day,

Thunder seemed soft while the land roared louder,

The waters sailed death right into our track,

While man’s mortal gods hid safe behind our backs.

Death knows no mother while the child cries blood,

Death knows no father or a last meal served,

But a death struck well due to blind governing eyes,

Is a holocaust paid well for by each one of us that cry.

So think twice before you avoid that ballot,

You are the power of change, the reason to gain,

White cap servants have forgotten what fear is like,

It’s time for the blue dot to inflict pain again!!!


disha said...


purva said...

Good stuff Mihir. Guess we all feel intensely about this. I ditto the profound statement.

Pallavi Arur said...

nice one!
loved the last four lines!

zarin said...

Soul Stirring, leaves an impact of first person account and concur with the end.Couldn't have ended on a better note

Prerna said...

Poignant !!!

Shruti said...

very touching...and profound

Kartik said...

Soul stirring!

Very well penned...quite profound...

Keep it up Mihir

saroja said...

Great stuff Mihir...definitely leaves an impact fr sure!!

saroja said...

Great stuff Mihir...profound is an understatement!

Jagadeesh Krishnamurthy said...

Nice one buddy...

The need for the hour is not just writing about it. It is about what you are willing to do for it. All these "experts" and "leaders" just talk, we need to make them walk the talk.


Archana said...

Very intense poem...gr8 writing Bijur

Archana said...

Very intense poem...gr8 writing Bijur

Priyanka said...

wow...u are good! hav u really written this

Forest_ranger said...

Mihir bhai,

this was really well written. It echoes the sentiments that most of us have.

First time I checked out your blog. Looks like I might do it more regularly now....

Mr.Anonymous said...

very interesting, deep stuff.

Tara said...

Intense and descriptive imagery, your message comes across very strongly because of this and leaves you thinking long after you have read the poem.

Harish Krishnan said...

Superb! Surely leaves an impact!!