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Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Mahatma Gandhi's 3 Monkeys.. of 2008 !

‘’Don’t hear evil’ – Not all popular beliefs are right.

‘The British ruled over India for over 400 years before they left our country divided’.

Did they??!! Gauging by the state of the county today & non-secular approach of its people, I do not think we even needed the British to attempt a division when we can do it with better efficiency and accuracy!!! Infact I think they were so successful with the East India Company because we might have taught them a thing or two about how man made religion can eradicate mankind itself! We educated the already educated on life and how to end it!!! .. Yes we are smart indeed !!!

‘Don’t see evil’ – Not all actions should be tolerable

‘India is a young democracy’

Are We??!! We’re young alright, but are we truly democratic?!

Our right to live is dependent on the following ‘city commandments’

1) The caste/community/religion we belong to.. in comparison to..

2) The language we speak.. in comparison to..

3) The city we live in.

If you can relate to even a single point mentioned above, you either change who you are as individuals to please the dimwit, petty, anti social elements or move city after city till you have no place to run.. We’re forced to be prisoners of our religion/caste/community.. Yes, freedom indeed !!!

‘Don’t speak evil’ – Not all laws are legal

‘We’re a growing economy.. Our transition from a developing country to a developed country is not far away’

Is it??! We’re growing alright.. Growing hatred, anti secularism & ‘so not out of the box’ thinking in the minds of the young.. Have you even wondered why a fisherman leaves an open basket of crabs on its own when he goes out to fish again? It is because he knows that even though they aspire to come out in the open they will never come out or let any other go out.

Our so-called ‘cultured’ society is the basket, opportunity is the open and we’re the crabs who struggle to effectively inscribe our identity through possible opportunities.

Coming to think of it, if we made laws of society, who governs it and who exactly are we answerable to??? If you cannot get an answer convincing enough to please your conscience.. you’re a crab too my friend…a developed county depends on a developed society.. Hmmm, we’re developed indeed !!!


whirlwind said...

ordinarily a rant like that wouldve left me wondering which side of the bed you got up on. but this time....i will join you my friend. well articulated, this country is going to the dogs. actually, me thinks even they would not want to inherit this place, tolerance is a word left far behind, one that has been confined to the realm of the esoteric, for in all our modern colloquialisms, the world tolerance has lost its meaning. and im not gonna end this in some psuedo-hopeful comment on how the world is getting up on its own two feet now. balls to technology and "INDIA SHINING",.I think if we look closely enough, we'll realise that the faint glow we see in the distance is not that of the golden era approaching, but of flames, and everything that it is slowly consuming....

saurabh said...

The opposition and violence was totally on wrong grounds. Nobody owns Maharashtra.
However let us accept that there are problems
A lot of the unrest and violence has links to joblessnes and economic inequalities. I guess it is time for exclusive growth in metros and big cities to end- it is also the end of only high margin industries-some work at the bottom needs to be done-

If we think and ponder- we will realise that what happened in Singur was also unrest-the fact is -people of lower strata have made their voices felt-time to make them better partners and not fool them or exploit them

Deepti said...

I really can understand what led you into pointing at the three monkeys and the fact that India - a democracy is going to dogs.....
We really do not need a Hitler or even a Joseph Goebbels we have their baaps in India who have the power to take the focus away from the burning issues and creating a propaganda to chart their own path of political success and by accepting what is being propagated we are actually exhibiting a crab mentality as you rightly mentioned…

With such a scenario around… the talk of a developing India seems like a farce, a big big farce!!!

karmickids said...

Interesting, but we need to translate it into activism...

idiosyncratic said...

i seriously cant understand whats gone wrong with our politicians. Everyday they stoop a level lower for the damn votebank... while u,me and the rest of the country pays for it.
Sickening, really!!!

deven arora said...

superbh thought.....something different.........

Mihir.S.Bijur said...

Thanx Deven :)M glad u liked it..