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Saturday, 5 September 2009

One Night

This is a song i had written a couple of years is my idea of sensuality.. my perception of the purest form of intimate human expression - making love..

One night

Your hair on my shoulders,
The smile on your face,
Sweet smell of your skin and
The look in your eyes.
The rain on the window,
The candles inside, yeah!
It’s just you and me, now!
I want you tonight

And I don’t need,
Another day,
To tell you how much,
You're driving me crazy.
You’re in my arms,
Those lips I wanna kiss,
This body and soul I,
Just cannot resist, yeah!


Your skin on my skin and
Our fingers so tied up,
Our bodies are hot with
Our burning desires.
I see your face right
So close next to mine
I wanna kiss you all over
Every day, every night

Your breath on my face
Your body on mine
I wanna give you a ride on
That feeling divine, yeah!
I’m gonna touch you
Like never before
Make you curl up your toes
Make you crave for more, yeah!


Wanna make this night forever last,
Gonna give you more than you may ask,
Make you sweat like you,
Make you sweat like you,
Make you sweat like you bathe till eternity.
Get you higher than the clouds that pass!!

I run my fingers
All over your body
Give the chill down your spine
And that feeling you wanted.
Our hair is all messed up
Our bodies so tired
Now we’re under the shower
To cool down this fire.

Our bodies are wet
But the heat is still on
I take you up in my arms
‘Coz that’s where you belong, yeah

The window’s open
The moon’s hit the floor
As we are under these showers
I give you some more, yeah!!


aria said...

sensuous.. and really romantic :)

enjoyed your other blog (headless lines) but couldn;t figure where to comment.

Sakshi said...

HOT!!!Sexy, and trust me, written straight from your heart...!!! I wish I could really spill my thoughts, but this is too public a place... tk cr..

Sandeepa said...
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Sandeepa said...

Well, i would not want to categorize it to be 'romantic' or 'sensuous'... perhaps because the two are inseparable.

But ya, could relate to this alright!

It did make me go back in time and smile incessantly..

lost_scotoma said...

sensual.....can figure it out! Good write..

Mihir.S.Bijur said...

@Aria.. thank you :)
@Sakshi hehehe yeah I love writing.. and I don't share this blog link often.. its just that people know about :) danke for ur sweet comment :)
@Sandeepa as long as it made u smile :) all good :)

Anonymous said...

beautifully portrayed . I like. :o)

Anonymous said...

Lovely :)