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Thursday, 19 June 2008

Life is Music INDEED !

Life is Music... How many times have we heard that before?

Musicians use this term to express themselves... It also makes a perfect slogan on a rebel guitar case... Some have also used it in irrelevant cellular TVCs.

Whatever be the case, there is a deeper truth to it than what seems...

Have you ever thought about how true the term actually is??!.. Yes it’ll be the 11th commandment for some who might realize the following:-

Close your eyes and think of a song... Any song!.. Watch it take you back in time to a memory in your life when you heard it for the first time... or a time when u witnessed someone crush your heart before your own eyes, whilst it played softly in the background.. a time when your soul froze to a shock of something you weren’t expecting to hear, whilst it played on a broken down radio at the local Irani restaurant... at the closest beach when you were spending time with yourself, staring in the middle of nowhere, trying to solve the riddles of life and a loud cab just passed you by... Let’s call this memory a music point

Music is a powerful tool if used right! It can control your mindset, it holds this incredible power to decide the kind of person you are and can be... Think about it...

Your life is a jukebox and every slice of time stacked in it is a song... Every song that you have heard in the past or will hear from now on holds the power to make you emote...

It becomes a music point in your subconscious mind and makes you re-live the feelings attached to it, whenever you hear it next !..

The best part is, you don't even have to love music for this! its purely subconscious !

Once you have realized this simple logic, you can slowly and steadily unleash and exploit the power of music to control your frame of mind.. to build you up when you’re low and keep you in check when you think you’re flying too high for your ground... It’s all a matter of shuffling those tracks on your player to suit the occasion... Try it out... ;)

Yes, thaaat’s what I am talking about! :) .. Life is Music INDEED!


prerna said...

well written..but not very cohesive...i mean d thot process is good- how music defines certain moments in ur life or rather most!! how certain emotions and thots are attached to sum or the other piece of music and is capable of taking you down the memory lane... but i feel what lacks is a lil bit of clarity in ur write up....tats wot i think!! u write amazingly well....Undoubtedly!!!

saurabh said...

life is music indeed
playing some song always
either releasing a tear from the eye
or adding a smile to the face

~*~*~*$hakti*~*~*~ said...

i think u shud expand on this.... its a great concept! i enjoyed reading it made me realise that if music is the food for life... i m certainly well-fed!

Aishu said...
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Aishu said...

Its very well written! I actually thgt of a song and rushed through all the memories attached to it! Could completely identify with what you are tryin to say here!

Keep many such thoughts flowing in!!!

deepti said...
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Messy Miracle said...

:D yea i knw wht u talkin abt... explains why my non hi-fi-phone has 253 songs (i swear i jus wonder da damn thing keeps hanging!) but i listen to only a selected few n refuse to delete the rest :D... its reserve.. for 'their moments' :)

sublimefeeling said...

companion of the lonely soul..

i say indeed no words to defy the greatness of music..
music is the best gift of God to mankind..
and yes every note has a special memory..
and if we play the entire playlist we could relive our lives..!!
lovely post.. :)
Best Wishes..!!