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Sunday, 7 March 2010

Your Song...

I walk your path,
Winding roads that stray,
From the wrongs I've done,
To the rights you've prayed.

You're the light that guides,
Each step that I take,
You're my smile that's dawned,
On my long lonesome lake.

If I had never met you,
I'd be a glance that's blind,
To the heaven that's you,
To your breath that's mine.

When I cry, I cry your tears,
I only live to see you smile,
If you're not here with me,
I wonder why I'm alive.

You're my magic moment unseen,
Yet I feel each breath you sigh,
My life's not what it's been,
I will be your force you make divine.

I wish I could hold you,
Show you where you've belonged,
Since the birth of time,
With each word of this song..


Rahul said...

wow Mihir,why dont you tell us who the words are for? would make it more interesting!

ani_aset said...

this is lovely mihir..i could sing it a lil bit in the head :)

Chandni said...

beautiful!! very nice. do keep writing.

Mihir.S.Bijur said...

Thanx guys :)

bb said...

please write more .... its amazing how it releases all the emotions ... i just want to keep hearing the words and feeling it for ages ....

Radznand said...

Beautifully expressed desire

Pallavi Arur said...

really nice........

reading this rings a chord in your heart! :)